Thursday, July 29, 2010



I've been really busy/ broke lately running Yew Nork but it's all totally worth it. Upcoming CD releases include the haunting folk of Allister Izenberg "" and the scrappy pop of my own band, Faux Fur "". Both releases should be out by late August. You can pre-order them by e-mailing "" 8 ppd each . You can pick up the Allister Izenberg EP on his tour beginning August 31st in Seattle, Washington and you can grab the Faux Fur CD at our release party in Calgary at Local Library on August 27th w/ Women "" and more. My solo project "Wealth Plant" will have a tape out on Yew Nork in a couple of days with the help of Kevin Stebner (thanks) with beautiful artwork from Brittany Sheperd ""


p.s. If you're in Calgary on August 3rd, Make it out to this show! Gobble Gobble, Grown Ups, and my band Faux Fur at Tubby Dog, All ages!